Table of Contents

Introduction: Here

Prologue – The Morning Of: Here

Chapter One – Welcome Home: Here

Chapter Two – Plus One: Here

Chapter Three – A-maze-ing: Here

Chapter Four – The Redemption Room: Here

Chapter Five – Bake, Cake: Here

Chapter Six – Shirley’s Choice: Here

Chapter Seven – Revenge is a Dish Best Served Spoiled: Here

Chapter Eight – The Horse Race: Here

Chapter Nine – A Swimming We Will Go: Here

Chapter Ten – An Unexpected Guest: Here

Chapter Eleven – Read All About It: Here

Chapter Twelve – Prepare for Launch: Here

Chapter Thirteen – Born This Way: Here

Chapter Fourteen – Whoa, Baby!: Here

Chapter Fifteen – All Over Again: Here

Chapter Sixteen – Checkmate: Here

Chapter Seventeen – Duly Noted: Here

Chapter Eighteen – Swan Song: Here

Chapter Nineteen – The Big City: Here

Chapter Twenty – And Then There Were Three: Here

Chapter Twenty-One: Part I – Sweet Music: Here

Chapter Twenty-One: Part II – Riots and Romance: Here

Chapter Twenty-One: Part III – Firecracker: Here

Chapter Twenty-One: Part IV – Walking Home: Here

Chapter Twenty-Two – Goodbye Lullaby: Here

Chapter Twenty-Three – Knight and Day: Here

Chapter Twenty-Four – Below Ground: Here

Chapter Twenty-Five – A Queenly Perspective: Here

The Engagement – Here

The Wedding – Here

Epilogue – Here

Bonus Features

An Author’s Note: Passing the Torch – Here

Q&A With the Author – Here

Quiz – How Far Would You Make It On The Royal Bachelor?

Quiz – Which Royal Bachelor Contestant Are You?