Table of Contents


Prologue – The Curse: Here

Chapter One – Bread and Butter: Here

Chapter Two – Clairvoyant: Here

Chapter Three – Away I Go: Here

Chapter Four – Promises: Here

Chapter Five – ‘Twas a Dream: Here

Chapter Six – A Song and a Dance: Here

Chapter Seven – Light: Here

Chapter Eight – While the Wind Blows: Here

Chapter Nine – Oasis: Here

Chapter Ten – Journey to the Past: Here

Chapter Eleven – Secrets: Here

Chapter Twelve – Gone for Good: Here

Chapter Thirteen – The Lost Brother: Here

Chapter Fourteen – A Change in the Weather: Here

Chapter Fifteen – Starlight: Here

Chapter Sixteen – Relations: Here

Chapter Seventeen – Strength in Numbers: Here

Chapter Eighteen – Past Promises: Here

Chapter Nineteen – The Search: Here

Chapter Twenty – Save Me: Here

Chapter Twenty-One: Find Me Again: Here

Chapter Twenty-Two: To Hell and Back: Here

Chapter Twenty-Three: Rise Again: Here

Epilogue: Here

Acknowledgments: Here