Behind the Curtain – An Inside Look

To coincide with chapter seven of Beauty and the Beast (you can read it here!), I thought I’d offer you all a look past the story and into what happens behind the scenes. As I write this, I feel a little bit like the wizard of Oz – come behind the (pink!) curtain with me and see what goes into writing such an iconic fairytale.

This does have chapter seven spoilers!

So, the first thing I’m showing you is the forest in which Odette gets stunned by a mysterious woman and “skeleton”. When I initially took the pictures, it was nighttime and I was able to get that dark, sinister feeling without too much trouble. However, when I went back to take a video to make the ending gif, it was early in the morning. I don’t have a mod to control time (is there one that even does that?), so I went ahead and made a forest within a building. The reason for this is that I can control the brightness of all the lights and also control the background. Oftentimes I’ll take a picture and get a house in the background, so being able to hide all of that was really great.

Also, you can see the invention maker and extra simrays on the ground outside. Sometimes things get lost, inventories get wiped out, and sims place their belongings in strange places, so I made sure to have extra rays lying around. The mystery woman is a scientist, so she is able to upgrade the simray with no trouble.

07-08-17_8-10-17 PM.png

Inside, I deleted the floor and covered the walls in the ivy that came with Get Together to create the illusion of a large forest. I also hid some big spotlights to shine on Odette so she didn’t get lost in the foliage. There were two of them placed in the forest – one behind Odette, and one on the opposite side of her. When you go into cinematic mode, the trees block the lights, but the lights do shine through the leaves, creating an outdoor feel.

07-08-17_8-09-27 PM.png
One of the hidden spotlights behind Odette
You can see the light filtering behind the woman and behind Odette

Another big thing I use is the pose-player mod – I can position sims where I want, and also have them pose in a realistic way. An outtake from this chapter is Odette literally sliding down a column to escape the castle. It wasn’t the greatest picture, and didn’t emphasize Odette enough to use. It almost comes across as a Where’s Waldo picture.

07-07-17_7-12-27 PM.png

One great thing about the castle itself is that all the windows are covered. I never have to wait for the sun to rise or set to get pictures. Casimir and Odette can eat breakfast at 2am and no one can tell! No one ever gets to sleep in the castle – I’ll usually have Ming Lee or Maude in the wings, ready to clean up all the messes. Because I have autonomy off, there is also a butler, maid, and gardener employed to keep the castle together. It is five floors high (including the rooftop), so there is always a lot to be done.

Lot traits also play a huge role in my story. With the ‘Cursed’ lot trait, many of the characters find themselves angry or dazed at any given point. Since I usually need Odette angry, this comes in handy! Casimir is harder to get worked up, because if he’s mean, he enjoys it. Also, because the rooms are so decorated, sims will usually have a happy moodlet because of it. That’s the downside of having such an expensive castle, for sure. Sometimes it’s hard to get them into a particular mood.

Speaking of the castle, it took about three weeks (real time!) to build. I was working on it during The Royal Bachelor, and it was totally different than Knight Palace. I learned a lot about building from this castle.

Since I recently got Spa Day and Luxury Stuff, my next palace is totally different! (Yes, I’m working on my next story already – more on that later!). It will be bright, airy, and have lots of fountains. I’m such a sucker for them!


sneak peak later…


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