Hiatus Announcement

Hey, everyone! I know I haven’t been active much on my blog and the forum, and so I thought I’d make an official announcement about it all. I am going on a brief hiatus from now (June 17, 2017) to roughly June 28th, 2017. I do apologize for it! I’m not much of a sharer of my personal life, but I do think you all deserve to know why.

Without revealing too much, I am still a student, and exams are creeping up on me slowly but surely. I love writing stories for everyone to enjoy, but that has to take a backseat for now so I can prepare for other things. I’ll probably still do some writing on my break, so when I come back hopefully there will be an influx of new chapters for everything (Ayers Prettacy, anyone?!). So you definitely won’t be lacking reading material, haha!

Also, one of my classes, my final assignment is writing a novella of sorts. If you’re interested in reading that, let me know and maybe I’ll post it on here!

So all in all, thanks for understanding. You guys are seriously the best!

Love and light,




3 thoughts on “Hiatus Announcement

  1. I will be waiting patiently for your return! Er, well, I’ll be waiting, at any rate 😛

    I am intrigued for your novella! What’s it about? I just got a reminder from the 3 Day Novel contest reminding me to pay the entrance fee before it goes up July 31. I haven’t decided if I’m going to enter or not, though. I have absolutely no ideas and it’s over Labor Day weekend.

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    1. It’s meant to be a representstion of a turning point in our lives, so it’s a manifestation of a fairly traumatic event in my life. And of course I get to be a princess, ha!
      That contest sounds intriguing! I think you should enter 🙂 I’m sure an idea will come when you least expect it!

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