Royal Bachelor

Bonus Feature: Q&A With the Author

I asked you all to submit your questions on Survey Monkey and/or the discussion on The Sims Forum. Here’s all the questions you asked, answered with 100% honesty! 

Q: How hard was it to manage all of the girls and Stellan when they were all in a romantic relationship with him? Did lots of fights break out?
Oh my goodness, it was so hard! Earlier on in the competition, everyone gathered for dinner and could have simple conversations with no problems. Once there was maybe 8 girls left, I had to drop group meals completely. Everyone kept flirting with Stellan regardless of the fact that I had autonomy off. So yes, there was a lot of fighting! Alex and Raina didn’t like each other at all, I’m assuming because one of them saw the other flirting with Stellan. Kara and London were absolutely awful together – it was Kara’s mean trait mixed with London’s good. They always had negative moodlets, and London cried constantly. The palace certainly wasn’t lacking in drama!

Q: If you could brought back anyone into the competition, who would it be?
Full disclosure – I’m writing this while the final three girls are in the competition, so Alex, London, and Lyric are exempt from this answer. That being said, I would’ve loved to bring Yasmine back. She was so great, and definitely one of the more laid back girls. I always enjoyed playing her, but she rejected Stellan often. I’d also love to bring back Klavdiya. I was actually gutted when everyone voted to send her home, because she was such a great character to play! Also, I’ll admit I wanted to see what her child with Stellan would have looked like! I also think Natalia was sent home before her time – I would have liked to see her stay a little longer.

Q: Who was your favourite?
A: I had a few different favourites throughout the competition. At the very beginning, it was London. She was totally adorable! Unfortunately the further we got into the competition, she cried constantly. I still liked her in the end, but definitely not as much as I liked her before. I also loved Lyric – she got along with Stellan so well that I never had to worry about mending offensive conversations. On the occasions where I left autonomy on, she was always playing an instrument, and I’m not joking when I say that almost every single girl crowded to listen. Those moments were really cute! Also, I really loved Klavdiya – she was so gorgeous, and I loved what she added to the story. I was crestfallen when she was eliminated! Finally, by the end I really loved Alex, too. She had a sense of humor the other finalists lacked, which I found refreshing.

Q: Will there be a sequel?
A: Good question! I’m not creating a sequel personally, but MintyCupcake on TS4 Forum is, and that will be so exciting to read!

Q: Who had the highest relationship metrics with Stellan?
A: This one is kind of tough to answer, as it shifted constantly. Kara had a pretty high metric with Stellan before she was eliminated. As for the top three, I think Alex maxed out the relationship bar. Lyric’s was wonky because she accidentally got deleted (oops!), so I had to cheat the relationship bar back up. London’s was fairly consistent at about 75%.

Q: What happened with Raina?
Check out the epilogue!

Q: Who were best friends?
A: The best friends in the entire competition were Klavdiya and Ming, which I thought was absolutely hysterical. They were so different (and I was certain they wouldn’t like each other), but they really got along. London and Yasmine were pretty close as well! Essentially the roommates tended to have higher friendship bars than others. Towards the end, I’d say all four girls were pretty close.

Q: Whose family did Stellan like most?
Stellan really got along with Lyric’s family. I think the mix of adults and teens was the best in the end, because they all interacted together. So overall, probably Lyric’s family, though Stellan did really like Alex’s dad and London’s mom.

Q: What about Simcess? (Her background, etc)
A: Easy one! Simcess is literally my sim-self in the story. I created myself a long time ago (who doesn’t really?) and just thought the story could use a host. The only thing I changed was my hair, because TS4 doesn’t believe dishwater blondes exist, haha! (Edit: now I’m a full blonde, so I might have to update that!) Also, I’ll be selfish and say that I really wanted to use my arsenal of custom content dresses! So really Simcess has no real background, she’s just the mediator between Stellan and the girls! If you want my background, that’s a whole other story!

Q: Who was Salem’s father?
I can officially announce that Luke Lockwood is Salem’s father. Stellan never woohoo’d with Kara, so I have no idea where the blond hair came from. Silly Sim genetics!

Q: How was Salem created?
Traditional woohoo!

Q: Where did all the girls go after they were eliminated?
I’m not proud to admit this, but I had to kill a few of the girls off – just in the beginning, though! The mod I use to extend households past 8 sims made it almost impossible for me to move the individual girl out, so I made a little room in the basement for them all. If it makes things better, they died from being hysterical, so at least they went out laughing? After two of them passed, I realized I can manipulate the households to move the eliminated girls out, so after they left they all went to the same lot together. Sometimes they would walk outside Knight Palace – Shirley and Natalia couldn’t keep away!

Q: How did you pick competitions?
A: There wasn’t much rhyme or reason to picking competitions – I just tried to find out what a bunch of sims could do together that could make a winner and loser. That’s why the painting competition was used more than once. Sometimes things just didn’t work out, like the woodworking competition. So really, I just made competitions that anyone could win! My favourite was the labyrinth.


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