Royal Bachelor

The Wedding

“Come on Lyric, people are arriving!”

Jubilee sat down on the comfortable loveseat and crossed one leg over the other. The wedding was set to start in only thirty minutes, and yet Lyric was still hidden in the changing room. Capella sat on a small ottoman and fiddled with the fabric flowers sewn onto her dress.

“Mom’s right, Lyric. It’s starting soon!” Melody called.

“And yet none of you are dressed,” Lyric fired back, her voice muffled from the curtain.

“Cause we’re waiting for you!” Melody snapped back.

“Girls,” Jubilee reprimanded with little heat.

A beautiful hush fell over the room as Lyric emerged from the small dressing room. She was sparkling, from her glistening tiara to the lacy gown and the bright, uninhibited smile she had on her face.

“Oh, Lyric,” Jubilee breathed. “You look…”

“Ethereal.” Melody finished.05-26-17_12-48-42 PM.png

Key nodded.

“Pwetty!” Capella squealed, toddling over. Lyric scooped her up and kissed the young girl’s cheek, happy that they had been able to build a stronger relationship. Lyric let her down and Capella toddled away, happy to twirl in her flower-girl dress.

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything,” Simcess called, stepping into the room. “Oh, Lyric. You look positively queenly.”

Lyric bowed her head. “Thank you.”

“Okay ladies,” Simcess said, clapping her hands together. “You all need to go get ready.”05-26-17_12-51-57 PM.png

Jubilee nodded and all the girls filed out to their own dressing rooms.

Simcess gestured for Lyric to stand before hugging her lightly. “I’m so proud of you,” Simcess said honestly. “You handled a harsh, cruel competition with as much grace and poise as possible.”

“Thank you, princess.” Lyric said, dipping into a deep curtsy.

Simcess chuckled before curtsying herself. “I bow down to you now, Queen Lyric.”

Lyric shook her head. “Will I ever get used to it?”

“You will,” Simcess assured her as she headed out the door. “Eugene is on his way, and London and Orla are both dressed!”

Lyric called out a thank you before turning to the mirror and smoothing out the already pressed gown.

“Oh my dear, you look wonderful,” Eugene said, slipping into the room. Lyric turned to face him, not expecting to see tears glistening in his eyes.

“I’m so glad Stellan found you,” He said softly. “Thank you for sticking by him, no matter what garbage you had to wade through.”

Lyric blinked back tears. “He would do the same for me.”

Eugene nodded. “He would.”

The two looked at each other in silence for a beat.

“You’re my granddaughter now, just as Stellan is my boy. I hope you’ll accept this,” Eugene said, holding out a small box.

Lyric looked at him in confusion. Eugene simply nodded and gestured for her to take it. Lyric did so, and delicately opened the velvet box. A small, gold necklace lay inside, a simple chain with a circle.

“Is this?”

Eugene nodded. “Stellan’s mom’s. She always wanted a daughter to give it to, and now she’s got one.”

05-26-17_1-03-05 PM.png

Lyric fanned her face. “I can’t cry now! My makeup’s all done.”

Eugene laughed and clapped her on the back. Simcess poked her head back in the room and crooked a finger, signalling Eugene to come.

“It’s showtime!” She called out merrily.


As everyone took their seats, Kaden made his way up to the altar.

“Stell!” He shouted, giving his brother a big bear hug.

“Kaden,” Stellan replied. “It’s still a shock to see you.”

“Hey, if I were really dead, I’d still be here in spirit.”

“Yeah, raiding the buffet and haunting the toilet.”

“At least I’d be here.”

05-26-17_12-55-53 PM.png

Kaden ran off to get changed, for he was Stellan’s best man. Eugene decided it would be best if he sat by, as he was getting old and had been in his fair share of wedding parties.

“Please be seated, everyone!” Eugene shouted as he took a spot in the front row.

Almost immediately, the doors flung open.

“Orla!” London called.

Orla and Capella waddled forward, laughing at some toddler joke that made no sense.

05-26-17_12-59-49 PM.png

London rushed forward and scooped the two girls up, spinning them around. Everyone watching laughed at the spectacle, and their merriment only served to egg the two girls on. They began squealing as London rushed back into the small house with them.

“You’re timing is awful,” London joked as she set the girls down. They walked off to their appropriate spots in the procession.

“Everyone ready?” Jubilee asked, linking hands with Brio.

The group chorused their answer as a sweet melody began from a violin.

“It’s time,” Jubilee whispered. “London, you and Allegro go first.”

London nodded and linked her arm around Allegro’s. “Ready?”

Allegro nodded and brushed a stray lock of hair behind London’s ear. “We’re both ready.”

And with that, the double doors swept open and the wedding began.

05-26-17_4-58-26 PM.png

Lyric watched as her family walked down the aisle. She got her first glimpse at Stellan, grand in his uniform. She beamed at the thought of him becoming her husband in a few short minutes.

As soon as everyone sat, the bridal march began.

Lyric walked slowly down the aisle, absorbing the moment. Everything was perfect – the sky was an azure blue, soft pink petals fell from the nearby tree, and the twitter of birds was the perfect accompaniment to the melodious sound.

05-26-17_1-05-12 PM.png

Stellan was just as giddy as he watched his bride walk towards him. She was even more beautiful than before, if that was even possible. He couldn’t care less if she had been wearing a trash bag. It was the happiness radiating off of her that made her so astonishing.

And he was lucky enough to get the chance to spend the rest of his life with her.

05-26-17_1-06-02 PM.png“Your Highness,” He said, grinning playfully.

Lyric blushed as he kissed her cheek. “You sure you want to go through with this?” She whispered, smirking. “Alex is sitting right there. You can pull a fast one and never look back. Scandal of the year.”

Stellan laughed. “You’re ridiculous.”

“I try.”

05-26-17_1-07-13 PM.png

“Shall we begin?” The officiant asked kindly.

“Oh!” Stellan jumped. “I forgot there’s other people in the room.”

Lyric smacked his chest playfully. “We can begin, ma’am.”

“I believe you’ve written your own vows?”

The couple nodded.

Stellan took a deep breath and gently clasped Lyric’s hands in his own. “Lyric Rhys, the first day I met you, I met eleven other girls as well-”

“Technically TEN!” Ming yelled from her seat. “Katya didn’t show!”

“Yes, thank you, Ming.” Stellan retorted, trying to retain a snort. “As I was saying, the first day I met you, I met TEN other girls as well,” he continued, winking at Ming. “I had no clue what was about to happen. I had hopes and dreams of finding you, but I wasn’t sure you even existed. Now I can say I’m truly the luckiest man to ever walk the earth. I promise to never go to bed angry, and tell you when I’m feeling upset. I promise to never raise my voice at you or anyone else I love. I promise to always stand by you and to hold your hair back as you puke when you spend too much time at the bubble machine with Gramps.”

The audience whooped.

“And finally, most importantly, I promise to fall in love with you every day, all over again.”

05-26-17_1-07-19 PM.png

The officiant smiled as Lyric brushed a tear away.

Stellan smirked. “Top that!”

Lyric threw her head back and laughed. “I will.”

“Okay, Lyric. Your turn.” The officiant said, gesturing for her to begin.

Lyric took a deep, steadying breath. “Stellan, I entered the competition out of pure curiosity. I wanted to meet you, wanted to know what it was like to live in a castle and soak in a bathtub triple my size. I never dreamed of ever actually liking you, let alone falling in love with you.”

“Am I that horrible?” He joked.

Lyric smiled before continuing. “Yet the moment we said hello, I was smitten. I stumbled a lot and made some mistakes, but you never once got upset. And when you screwed up-”

Raina leaned forward to whisper in Alex’s ear. “She’s totally talking about Salem.”

“I always knew you would make it right again. So I promise to own up to my mistakes just as you do yours, and I promise to teach you how to write a proper song. I promise to always be by your side through thick and thin, Llama Flu and health. You are what I never knew I needed – and I know that while I would have lived a wonderful life had I not met you, I’m glad I never will.”

Once Lyric finished, Kaden stepped forward and handed the couple two glittering, gold rings.

The officiant guided them through the process as they placed a ring on the other’s left ring finger.

“Do you, Stellan Knight take Lyric Rhys to be your lawfully wedded wife?”

Stellan winked at his bride. “I do.”

“And do you, Lyric Rhys take Stellan Knight to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

Lyric paused and pretended to think. “I do.”

05-26-17_1-07-45 PM.png

“Well then, I now pronounce you husband and wife! Give your wife a smooch, darlin’.”

05-26-17_1-07-50 PM.png

“Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Stellan and Lyric Knight-Rhys!”

The audience jumped to their feet and cheered as fireworks boomed around them. After months of trials and tribulations, finally the celebrations could begin.

05-26-17_1-07-53 PM.png

“Let’s party!” Lyric shouted. She grabbed Stellan’s hand and ran to the outdoor entertainment area, followed by all their loved ones.

London had catered the entire dessert menu, and everyone chowed down. Dinner was a lavish affair of gourmet lobster and fish, but the cake was what everyone was waiting for.

Everyone crowded around Lyric and Stellan as they sliced through the tiered cake. Someone had given Lyric a party horn, and she blew into it as Stellan tried to feed her cake.

It was perfect.

05-26-17_1-11-16 PM.png

The rest of the night was marked by a headlining DJ that got the entire crowd pumped up. Even Eugene danced. Lyric laughed at him as he jerked his arms around and bobbed his head.

“I see you get your dancing skills from your grandpa!” Lyric shouted into Stellan’s ear.

“I take offence to that!” He shouted back over the din of the music.

Some people had shed their tight clothes and changed into more casual ware, as the night was warm. A cool breeze coursed through the party, ruffling Lyric’s hair and knocking Orla over. Capella pointed a pudgy finger at her friend and laughed before being knocked over herself.

05-26-17_1-19-09 PM.png

Everyone came up to the happy couple and offered their congratulations. Alex held back tears as she watched the two laugh with each other, but felt no resentment towards them. She would get her happy ending – she was sure of it. So Alex made her way up to the couple.

“I’m so happy for you,” She said earnestly. “I can’t even begin to imagine the beautiful life you two are about to embark upon together.”

Stellan placed a hand on Alex’s shoulder. “Thank you, Alexandria.”

Lyric nodded and murmured her thank you as well.

“And actually, there’s someone I want you to meet,” Stellan said, wrapping an arm around her back.

“Matt!” Stellan called, waving a man over. Lyric froze.

Vibrations show a tall, dark stranger in your best future.

“Alex, I want you to meet my other best friend, Matthew Williams.”

“An honor, milady,” Matt said, bowing deeply.

“Just Alex works,” Alex smiled.

“Alright, Just Alex. Would you like to dance?”

05-28-17_12-57-01 PM.png

And so everyone had a wonderful night, dancing and drinking and partying into the early hours.

Lyric and Stellan embraced as they watched fireworks lit in their honor.

“My Queen,” Stellan whispered.

“My King.”

05-26-17_1-23-27 PM.png


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