Beauty and the Beast

The Servants

Of course, Beauty and the Beast is filled with many servants struggling under the beast’s reign. In this adaption, there are specific job titles I asked for, and boy did people deliver!

The Jobs:

  • 1 cook
  • 1 maid
  • 1 lady’s maid
  • 1 entertainer
  • 1 mad scientist
  • any other bonus servants



Cherie Cottrell & Ming Lee
by kirasososweet


     Cherie Cottrell is just about the happiest, most optimistic person anyone could have the pleasure of knowing. Her bright and friendly smile can light up and room and her laughter brings warmth to the hearts of those who hear it. She has always had a deep love of food. Her earliest memories are of her mother dancing around the kitchen covered in whatever she was cooking at the time, with wonderful smells wafting throughout the house, and her family sitting around the table discussing their day over their meal. Her mother would always tell her, “Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all.” This has been a message she has kept with her always. Cherie has made it her duty to continue this tradition and is always there to lend an ear and offer her best advice.

     Unlike her mentor, Ming is not what anyone would call a “happy person”. Normally she prefers her own company but Cherie’s cheery personality is infectious and has made them a perfect match in the kitchen. Not much is known about her (no one really knows where she comes from and she won’t discuss it) but baking is her therapy and if she had it her way she would live in the large castle kitchen.

Jean-Pierre Benoit
by mintycupcake

05-26-17_10-35-44 PM.png

     Once a great chef known for miles around. Since he has little occasion (and ingredients!) to show off his skills, he has sunk into a depression and has turned to alcohol. Despite this, he still thinks highly of himself and disallows anyone else in the kitchen, believing them to be incompetent. When asked, he can produce the finest dishes in the land, yet his talent is wasted on the savage diet of the beast.

Grace Martinique
by Minez

05-26-17_10-55-04 PM.png

     Grace has been working in the kitchen for as long as she can remember. Once a young girl in her parents’ bakery, now as a head chef at a prestigious palace. She’s always been family oriented, but found she never had enough time to have a family of her own. She supplements the hole by mothering the rest of the servants, acting as their shoulder to cry on and confidante to tell their deepest secrets.


Leona Faust
by Minez

05-26-17_10-45-39 PM.png

    The daughter of lady’s maid Anya Faust, Leona is a young woman striving to prove herself in a sea of hard-working folks. She can usually be found swiping a white glove on surfaces, mopping floors she’s already mopped three times over, and aiding her mother in any way she can.

Margaux Tremblay
by MintyCupcake

05-26-17_10-50-34 PM.png

     Léonie’s mother and long time employee of the royal family. Originally Tristan’s mother’s lady in waiting, she became Tristan’s wet nurse and later nanny when his mother died. She loves Tristan deeply and hopes his curse can soon be broken. She is happy to become Odette’s lady’s maid when she arrives at the castle.

Maude Théière
by wendelyne05-27-17_2-59-02 PM.png

     After Maude’s husband died, she was forced to return to the work force. Being pregnant and having no real skills made it quite difficult to find work but eventually she met the Beast and he invited her to stay at his castle in exchange for cleaning services. Maude ended up giving birth to a daughter named Jacqueline, who now works alongside her mother in the palace.


Anya Faust

05-27-17_2-55-34 PM.png

     Anya and her husband had been at the castle as long as Jean-Luc and Grace. He was the entertainer and she was the housemaid. He died recently. Their daughter Leona is has lived in the castle her whole life and is now the house maid. Anya now serves as the chambermaid/Ladies maid if the young master ever marries.

Léonie Tremblay
by MintyCupcake

05-26-17_10-50-43 PM.png

      A sweet, albeit flighty young woman, just barely an adult with the maturity to match. Occasionally a bit of a klutz, she is terrified of the Beast and is only their as obligation to her mother.

Jacqueline Théière
by wendelyne

05-27-17_2-55-43 PM.png

     Growing up in the Beast’s castle wasn’t all work. When Jacqueline wasn’t cleaning or helping her mother she enjoyed sneaking out and playing pranks on the neighbourhood peasants. Now Jacqueline is 18 and has much less time; her mother is also getting old and can’t do everything she used to leaving more work for Jacqueline.


Skylar Johnston
by kethrydrake

05-27-17_3-05-14 PM.png

      Skylar was a wandering minstrel. Due to circumstances beyond his control (something about offending somebody rich and powerful), he was traveling near Windenburg during the winter when he suffered an accident. The Beast (or his servants) found him and nursed him back to health. Once he recovered, he decided (or was encouraged) to stay for awhile…

Armon Serenata

05-27-17_3-08-16 PM.png

The newest addition to the household is Armon, a well-rounded entertainer who does anything for a smile. A necessity for the gloomy household. He’s a consummate flirt, but means well and has a heart of pure, musical gold.

Timothé Lacroix
by MintyCupcake

05-27-17_3-11-19 PM.png

     A dashing young rake and extremely talented entertainer. He puts the moves on Odette, but is secretly in love with Léonie. However, he fears that she will find him too old and laugh at him and call him her uncle if he confesses his feelings.


Maddie Nelson
by kirasososweet


Maddie grew up an only child to very uninvolved parents. She’d always felt like an outcast growing up, feeling as though she was much smarter than her childish peers. Maddie then turned to science; it became her passion and only friend. She spent hours and hours in her homemade lab learning and creating. However, there was only so much that she could accomplish in her small lab. She learned of an apprenticeship in the mysterious castle and jumped at the opportunity. It was only a short amount of time before she’d outgrown her teacher and he’d mysteriously disappeared…

Khalid Daadaoui
by mintycupcake

05-27-17_3-16-17 PM.png

     A mad genius scientist from French Morocco with a secret – he’s actually an alien trying to find his way home!


If you’ve submitted an extra for this story, they’ve automatically made it in! That means any shopkeepers, triplets, butlers, etc you’ve sent in will appear in Beauty and the Beast!




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