Beauty and the Beast

The Protagonist

No book, no movie, no story could occur without some sort of protagonist. The person you root for. The person you connect with. It doesn’t matter whether you relate to their plight at all – no matter what, they grip you, pull you in, and keep you wanting more.

In Beauty and the Beast, that protagonist is a young lady living in a small town.

The creation of this girl and almost all the other characters in my retelling of Beauty and the Beast are completely original, created by the very people who will read this story. They’ve thrown in twists and turns no one else could even dream of, and though I haven’t even begun the story, they have already altered it.

Moreover, I won’t be choosing which of the Sims below becomes the main character – that too will be left up to the readers. All I can do is give you their picture and background (sometimes slightly altered).

So here you go.

Odette Champagne
by MintyCupcake

04-20-17_4-33-39 PM.png

Traits: Cheerful, Romantic, Good
Bonus Trait: Alluring

     Odette Champagne lives in the small town of Windenburg along with her father. The two have been best friends ever since her mother disappeared long ago. The only reminder of her lost mother is the beautiful, rose gold locket Odette wears around her neck. The piece of jewelry is by far the most expensive thing the Champagne’s own, yet in times of turmoil when bills couldn’t be paid or food was scarce, both refused to pawn off the locket. Despite Odette’s tainted past, she has grown into a beautiful – albeit slightly naive – young woman who has always daydreamed of the lands beyond the rolling hills of Windenburg. Her father’s bakery in the heart of the town is known for it’s fresh coffee and french pastries, and Odette’s lovely voice oftentimes fills the store while she bakes. Her life had been perfectly calm until Agathe appeared with her sights set on Odette’s father. Knowing the innocent and unassuming man her father is, Odette decides the only way to save her family is to venture beyond the town lines and find her mother.

Isabella Antoinette
by Skcaga6

04-20-17_4-34-48 PM.png

Traits: Good, Bookworm, Romantic
Bonus Trait: Quick Learner

     Isabella Antoinette is Maurice Antoinette’s favorite – and only – child. The two have had an unbreakable bond ever since her mother passing away during childbirth. Maurice spent long days teaching Belle how to read and write, to the chagrin of the other villagers. Women simply aren’t meant to be educated the way Belle has been, and so began to snub her as a result. As both Maurice and Belle get older, they have essentially traded roles. Though Maurice still works every day as a clockmaster, repairing and creating intricate works of art, Belle has officially taken over the household and has begun to care for her elderly father. When she’s not busy trying to get her father to rest or teaching children at a makeshift school, Belle escapes through books. However, as she gets older and more intelligent, she becomes even more alienated from her town. It would take a miracle for her to fit in.
Or she could leave.

Sabine Garceau
by minez

05-20-17_4-12-33 PM.png

Traits: Genius, Creative, Bookworm
Bonus Trait: Quick Learner

     Sabine Garceau has never truly gotten the chance to escape the small town she grew up in. The only real way of leaving she had was through her books and dreams. Such an escape was often necessary due to the ridicule of her family growing up. Her parents were older. Her father was a army engineer who brought a beautiful albeit foreign wife back to his small village. Rude comments were often made about her dark skin and cultural differences. The ridicule only ended when she died birthing a second child. Her father Laurent became a inventor, often shutting himself in for a days at a time, leaving Sabine to do much of the farm work as well as care for her young brother Liam. She grew up to be quite independent, brave and capable, always ready to defend her family. Her beauty swept throughout the town and has had men lining up for her hand since she was 16. At 25, the town felt she should be married already, but she has continually shot every suitor down, wanting to marry for love instead of becoming a simple trophy wife. Many who mistake Sabine’s quiet demeanor as weakness are often taken aback by her fiery rebuttals. Sabine is also very kind. She is often seen around town donating her family’s harvest or old books to needy families.

Ariane Renart
by Candyd

Traits: Good, Bookworm, Family Oriented

Bonus Trait: Quick Learner

Alphonse Renart is an old professor in rocket science who, one day, attracted the attention of aliens and gave birth to a beautiful daughter he named Ariane. He raised her and gave her all his love, but as much as she wanted to make friends, Ariane always got rejected by others when she was little. The children would point and laugh at her blue skin, and pull her hair when she passed by. With time, she learned to discover the hidden power of giving the visual illusion of being human to others. She also discovered her hidden power of empathy. Ariane now lives a quiet life, passing as an introverted young woman, though she dreams of being accepted and of finding a truly different man, one who will love her for who she truly is.

Aurora Brochu
by GeekMonkey34B21


     Aurora was left on the doorstep of the orphanage when she was just a baby. She never knew but her mother and father had met when her father had passed through her mother’s town one night. Things happened, as things are wont to do, and Aurora was born. Her father was gone by the time her mother found she was with child. Alone and scared, Aurora’s mother left her somewhere she might find a better life than the one that she could give, leaving Aurora with only a necklace to remember her by (Aurora barely takes the thing off, it’s the only connection she has to her parents). The orphanage was a dreary place and, as a child, Aurora found herself getting lost in stories of far off places. Anything to take her mind off of where she was. During one outing from the orphanage, Aurora met an eccentric traveler. He was an inventor in a small town and, eager for an apprentice, he adopted Aurora to come work with him. He was a wonderful not-quite-father and Aurora grew under his tutelage, hoping to one day become a great inventor herself (though to be honest he wasn’t a great inventor). Sadly, he died when she was 16, once again leaving Aurora on her own. In the 7 years since his death, she continued to live in the house and work on their inventions. She has become known around the town as a beautiful but strange girl.



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