Beauty and the Beast

The Beast

The term ‘beast’ lends itself to a host of ideas and interpretations. Do you picture a man carved from beauty itself yet rotting from the inside out? Or do you picture a man with twisted features and a heart turning further into stone as each day passes?

That was the challenge many faced when creating the beast for this story – what angle will you choose? So many people went in so many different directions, and here is what they came up with:

Xaine Exipelh
by kethrydrake

04-17-17_7-30-24 AM

Traits: Hot-headed, Loves the Outdoors, Vegetarian

Bonus Trait: Collector Bonus

      Xaine was a crew member on a scout ship which crashed near Windenburg. The only survivor was Xaine, and he ran to  seek help from the nearby village. The superstitious villagers, fearing him to be a demon due to his alien appearance and unfamiliar language, chased him out. Xaine found shelter in a nearby ruin. He used his meager engineering abilities (he is a xenobotanist) to rig an illusion to deter the locals from entering the ruin. He found an injured human and nursed him back to health. Lacking anywhere else to go, the human agreed to stay and act as a liaison, eventually hiring other misfits to take care of more mundane chores while Xaine worked in his greenhouse creating hybrids and developing herbal medicines to sell to the locals…

His Royal Highness Adam le Pew
by Skcaga6

05-20-17_5-36-12 PM.png

Traits: Loner, Mean, Snob

Bonus Trait: Alluring

     Prince Adam was raised by his tyrant of a father after his mother’s untimely death. He grew to be exactly like his father, twisted by cruel fate. By the time his father died, Prince Adam was the second most hated man in the area, following closely behind his own father. It was because of the way he turned out and the way he treated other people that he became cursed. An evil woman from the village put a curse on him which turned him into a hideous monster, pocketed by scars and skeleton hands. The only way to break the curse is to find someone who can look past his outside and love him for who he is on the inside.

Tristan Gaspard
by MintyCupcake

05-20-17_5-43-48 PM.png

Traits: Loner, Self-Assured, Hot-Headed

Bonus Trait: Alluring

Once a handsome young Duke, Tristan was cursed by a young woman he spurned who turned out to be a witch masquerading as a beautiful woman. He will only regain his natural form once he learns to love and communicate properly as necessary in a healthy relationship.

Casimir d’Vaile
by Brei714

05-20-17_5-48-45 PM.png

Traits: Jealous, Romantic, Mean

Bonus Trait: Alluring

     Born into wealth and privilege, Casimir d’Vaile was the middle child of three in his early years. His mother and father spent little time with him, instead opting to let the family servants raise him. His brother was old enough that the age gap prevented the brothers from truly bonding. Casimir was closest to his sister, but when Casimir was still a young teenager his sister and parents died of an outbreak of illness that swept through the land. His brother also took ill but survived, weakened for life. Casimir’s relationship with his brother quickly deteriorated as he blamed Elric for living while the sibling he actually cared for died. When Elric won the attentions of a woman Casimir wanted for himself, Casimir snapped and beat his brother to death in a fist fight. Casimir felt no remorse and blindly pursued the woman his brother wanted. However the woman in question could summon ghosts and speak to them with ease. Elric’s ghost told her of his death and the woman swore to see Casimir punished for his cruelty. Casimir being a handsome yet also very vain man had many mirrors throughout the castle where he lived, and the woman devised a curse that every time he looked in the mirror he and anyone else with him would see his true inner self which was a reflection of his beastly personality. In addition to that she charmed the mirrors so they would never break and never move and never allow something to cover them until Casimir changed his ways. Only if he could love another unselfishly would the curse break and the mirrors show only his outer self again. However Casimir is a social person, he craves company but he cannot stand people to see him in the many mirrors that cover the castle walls. They are everywhere and as he cannot see himself as handsome anymore he is slowly going mad with rage and anguish. He has begun to believe he might actually be a beast…

 Julian Debateau
by Minez

05-26-17_10-22-18 PM.png     Growing up royal, Julian never had to ask for anything more than once. He was the long awaited product of a princess and a duke who wanted children. Sadly he lost his parents at a young age. His older cousin, now the King saw to his fine education. In time the young duke’s arrogance and hot temper left him with horrible rep. Eventually the Duke and his cousin fell out of touch after the Duke became plagued a mysterious illness and became a recluse, never leaving his castle…



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