Beauty and the Beast

The Antagonist

Without an antagonist, there would be no conflict, and what is a story without conflict? What is life without conflict?

It would be too easy, that’s for sure.

So every good story needs a good villain – one who you can’t help but love to hate.

And for this story, I thought I’d shake up the original Beauty and the Beast and cast two villains! So they’re split up into male and female, and you’ll be allowed to vote for one of each!

Male Antagonists:

Gaston Gaslight & Louis Lefou
by Skcaga6


     Gaston was a soldier bound to protect the village. With all of the commendations he received, his head swelled. He became extremely self-centered. There is only one person aside from himself that he thinks about – Isabella. It’s not that he is in love with her. He is incapable of loving anybody except himself. He sees Belle as the most beautiful girl in the village and thinks they will make cute babies. That is all he is concerned with – the one woman who doesn’t want him, he must have.
Louis Lefou is Gaston’s right hand man. He is very loyal to Gaston. Some may even go as far as to say he is in love with Gaston. Some may say that idea is preposterous and Lefou is only envious of his friend. Perhaps only time will tell…

Tomas de Ojeda
by kethrydrake

04-17-17_8-10-10 AM

     Tomas is a fanatic/zealot who is determined to exorcise the “demon” in the castle. He is the town politician and is fiercely devoted to bringing justice to all those who do wrong. The demon’s very presence in the castle is unjust and corrupt, and therefore Tomas must take that monster down, no matter the cost.

Gaston Lagarde
by Candyd


     When Gaston Lagarde was a teenager, he wasn’t the most handsome boy in class, and was constantly rejected by girls simply for his physical appearance. Deeply hurt, he decided to take his destiny between his hands, started bodybuilding and plastic surgery until he finally was satisfied of his appearance, and now collects girlfriends one after another. He wants to be the only centre of his many girlfriends’ attention, hiding his self-esteem issues that way. Only Beauty has never showed attraction to him. Gaston takes Beauty as a challenge, and will stop at nothing to have her under his control.

Saren Ravenhart
by Brei714

05-26-17_7-47-20 PM.png

     Born to a wealthy businessman and his wife, Saren Ravenhart had a happy childhood filled with luxury. He resisted becoming spoiled by his fathers wealth and instead of expecting anything he simply strove to do his best and be worthy of his demanding father. Saren had an older brother but he also had a twin sister. It was Saren’s sister that he was closest to, it was almost as though they shared the same soul with how well they could predict each other. While Saren preferred his books and inventions he could be quite charming when he wanted to be, however the village girls held no appeal for the handsome young man.

     One day when he and his sister were out wandering the woods they came upon the Beast’s castle. Fascinated by the sight of the castle Saren’s sister Selena tried to climb over the fence and into the courtyard. Saren told her not to, it was too high too dangerous. In the end it was the fall that killed Selena and the beasts hunting dogs tore her to pieces before Saren’s eyes. Seeing the figure of the beast in the doorway watching him Saren felt hate for the first time. “You hide now monster. But there will come a time when you can hide no longer! You will face justice. This I swear.” Saren returned to the village changed. He was bitter and angry, and though he hid it well, those emotions paired with his hatred for the beast in the castle simmered just below the surface. Where his sister had once been in his heart now there was a void a blackness that festered and grew. Saren took to discretely spreading dissent, rumors mixed with what truths he could find about the old castle and its occupants. He hopes to eventually incite a mob to burn the place to the ground. Only then he believes he will feel peace but what will he do when and if he discovers he may be as much a monster as the one he hunts.

Female Antagonists:

Aurélie Lévesque
by icmnfrsh


      Aurélie grew up destitute thanks to the harsh taxation laws imposed by the King. While her family was suffering from hunger and want, she would always hear of the lavish balls and parties thrown in honor of the prince. This caused her to increasingly resent the royal family, until it eventually grew into outright loathing, especially for the spoiled prince. This also started a lifelong obsession with wealth and possessions, driving most of Aurélie’s ambitions.

Having so few resources forced Aurélie to rely on her looks and wits to get by, cultivating a certain degree of vanity within her. She tends to value what’s on the surface this way, refusing to deal with anyone she believes to be inferior in looks or station. This ruthlessness, along with her cunning, helped pave the way for a successful business, as well as wealth and prestige among the townsfolk. Today, Aurélie lives comfortably in a large home with servants to attend to her every whim.

However, none of this was ever enough. Aurélie always needed more. More wealth and prestige. Defying aging to preserve her good looks. And most of all, a desire to bring down the royal family for all the suffering they’ve caused. Once she manages to reach the now abandoned castle, maybe she can begin plotting the downfall of the prince and his allies.

Regina LeFavre
by Minez

05-26-17_10-21-42 PM.png

     Regina always gets what she wants. Or it used to be that way. As the daughter of a single father, instead of giving her his time, he gave her things. He always told her she was the prettiest girl in the kingdom and that one day her prince would come and she would be a princess, only royalty for his daughter. The LeFavre family wielded much influence in the province and in much of the kingdom, Regina did grow up to be a pretty girl but she was not pretty person inside. She was cruel and cunning a dangerous threat to anyone who found themselves in her path to something she wants. Now that she’s finishes with school and of marrying age she has her sights on the most hansome, wealthiest, and powerful men in the province, but they all have been flocking to see this girl she made fun of growing up! The very thought of it sickens her, so now she plans to ruin her any way she can. Also too, if the rumors are right about the castle beyond the woods and a prince lives there, why hasn’t he been in the royal court while she was learning court etiquette? Or better yet ask for her hand?

Agathe Charbonneau
by mintycupcake

05-26-17_10-35-57 PM.png

     Hiding behind fancy clothes and costume jewelry, Agathe has perfected projecting a wealthy, classy lady. And yet behind closed doors, she’s anything but prim. Rumored to be a Black Widow, Agathe has set her sights on Odette’s father and will do everything in her power to make sure Odette “disappears”.

Ophelia Lancaster
by GeekMonkey34B21


      Ophelia grew up in the lap of luxury. Her parents were the wealthiest people in their small town and she was used to getting anything she wanted. Money? Simple. Power? Piece of cake. The attentions of any man she wanted? Not as easy as Ophelia would like. Not since She moved into town. Ophelia just wants to marry rich and live in a castle or a mansion. But that’s hard when all the best looking and richest men in the town are salivating after That Girl. Seriously. She’s not that special. Come on guys. Ophelia will do anything to finally get what she wants. Anything. Just saying.



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