Ayers Uglacy

Chapter 2.2 – Trading Clubs

For the next few days, Mare couldn’t stop thinking about Akira. He was smart, handsome, romantic, and all the things she had wished for, ever since she was a young girl writing in her diary. When she finally got a day off from working as a dance captain, she gathered the Lotsa Lovers club and began her quest to flirt her way into Akira’s heart.

The only issue?

Flirting in the Lotsa Lovers club had some serious consequences.

Everyone was constantly flirting with the other, spawning constant jealousy and anger. Mare quickly learned Akira had a serious jealous side, and always seemed upset when she was away from him. So instead of continuing to lead the Lotsa Lovers club, Mare disbanded the group and invited Akira over, alone. Thanks to his romantic trait, Akira showed up already in the mood. They seemed to hit it off, and in no time at all, Akira had moved in. To commemorate the day, Akira took Mare to the tattoo parlor, where she got the same tattoo Akira had. Bright bursts of colour snaked their way down Mare’s arm, bonding the new couple together.

At home, Akira began to criticize the house. The clutter was unimaginable – detective awards all over, a shelf with wooden creatures on it, and a random mishmash of furniture littered the room.

As night fell, Akira found more to complain about. “This bed is so uncomfortable,” He groaned as he flipped over onto his side.

Mare stayed silent for the night, but went out and bought a better bed the next day. At the store, she saw a rack of pregnancy tests and thought, why not? Akira was at work, creating video games and programming, so Mare was alone as she discovered she was pregnant with her first child.

That fast?

05-02-17_6-16-04 PM.png

When Akira returned home, Mare sprung the news on him. He was tense from a day away from his girlfriend, but immediately perked up at the news. He gave her a big kiss before letting her know he’d be heading out for the day. The spice festival had arrived in town, and he wanted to conquer the spice challenge. Mare nodded along before retiring to her home gym to work out. Her athletic skill had been steadily increasing,

Meanwhile, Akira traveled to his hometown of San Myshuno along with Marcus Flex. The two tried as many spicy foods as possible, trying to one up the other. Still, Akira felt his shoulders tighten as he thought about what mare could be doing. What if she was with another man?

“Come on, dude.” Marcus said, snapping Akira out of his thoughts. “Let’s do this.”

Both men tried the Spice Challenge, choking back the food as flames spread their way down the men’s stomach. Akira opened his mouth wide to display no food left, and was awarded a special shirt for his efforts. As Akira cooled his mouth down with an icy ridgeport, he perused the different stalls at the festival. He recalled Mare mentioning something about a collection, so he bought her a snow globe as a surprise.05-02-17_6-33-19 PM


Before Akira left, he stopped at the small gardening space, examining the different plants. Huge stalks of dragon fruit spiraled into the air, catching his eye. Akira knew he wouldn’t be able to splice plants for a long time, so he harvested as much fruit as he could to bring home. On top of dragon fruit, Akira nabbed some strawberries too. His mother had once told him of the superstition of eating strawberries to have a girl, and thought Mare might want to try it.

Back home, Mare was struggling through a rough pregnancy. Morning sickness plagued her often, dirtying the toilets and herself. On more than one occasion her bladder failed, causing embarrassing puddles to form on the ground. Akira supported her through it, mopping up the urine and encouraging her when she was sad.

05-02-17_6-29-00 PM

On the days Mare went to work, Akira began to plant his small garden. Twenty dragon fruit plants and ten strawberry ones finally grew, sprouting expensive fruit. Unfortunately, the upkeep was too much for Akira, and the plants began to quickly die.

He brought the issue up over dinner. Mare leaned back in her seat and pondered the question. She was struggling around the house the same way Akira was outside – ghosts of her parents kept breaking all the appliances.

“Why don’t we start a club?” Mare suggested.

“A club?”

“Yeah. Like Lotsa Lovers. We invite people over to garden, fix our plumbing, and clean the house.”

Akira paused for a moment before grinning wickedly. “That’s genius.”

And so that’s what they did – whenever the plants needed watering or the radio in Mare’s gym broke, they invited over the Farmhands, a group of four people who did all the dirty work…for free!

05-03-17_9-26-27 PM.png

Of course, during all this, Mare’s pregnancy continued. Finally, one day she felt the unfamiliar pain of labor overtake her, and she rushed to Akira with the news. He immediately freaked out, running around the house and stomping his feet like a madman.

05-02-17_9-04-48 PM.png

On the other hand, Mare was calm, cool, and collected. She was feeling somewhat tired, and so decided to take a small nap before the baby arrived. She was woken up when Sims Social Services appeared, providing a bassinet before mysteriously disappearing.

A baby girl was born.

Mare looked down at the bundled blanket, smiling as the baby cooed. Akira calmed down long enough to peer at the small baby.

“What are we going to name her?” He asked.

Mare met her boyfriend’s eyes as she smiled. “Marilyn.”

Akira nodded. “A good name.”

And so Marilyn grew. As Mare and Akira gained promotions and skills, Marilyn aged into an adorable toddler with jet black hair and grey eyes. Mare was astounded at the easygoing nature of her daughter, who oftentimes hid in her room to play by herself. She was incredibly curious and unafraid. One night, as she sat alone and ate some chili, a green ghost floated into the room.

Marilyn waved with her pudgy hand at the transparent man. The two began to chat, cracking jokes and getting to know one another. Marilyn wouldn’t know the man she spoke to until she perused the art gallery in her home, reading the name Johnny Zest.

05-04-17_1-27-14 PM.png

At the end of her toddler days, she had mastered three skills and reached level three in the rest. She grew up to be a child with the cheerful trait and the Whiz Kid aspiration.


Mare and Akira were over the moon at the intelligence Marilyn conveyed. She did her homework in no time at all, played the violin with passion, and created helpful potions at the chemistry table. She progressed quickly in all her skills, just like her mother did.

05-03-17_9-15-25 PM.png

Akira and Mare loved Marilyn so much that they decided to try for another child. Mare was devastated when the pregnancy test was negative, but eventually found out she would be expecting another child.

Akira was over the moon. His love would be by his side always, never leaving and never cheating. Having another child would cement their relationship, making the bond unbreakable.

There was only one other way he could truly call Mare his.

It was a proposal.

05-03-17_9-43-37 PM.png

Mare looked at the ring for a moment, neither accepting nor rejecting. Akira’s eyes widened as he realized his one true love was hesitant.

Finally, Mare extended her left hand and smiled. “Yes!”

Both of them breathed out a huge sigh of relief as Akira slipped the ring on Mare’s hand.

And only a day later, another baby was welcomed into the world.

Marina Ayers.

Mare was elated at having two children, sisters who would grow up to love one another unconditionally. Akira finally stepped up, changing diapers and feeding the baby when she wailed. It seemed as if the family couldn’t get any better.

05-04-17_11-42-37 AM.png

But could it get worse?

Author’s Note: I’m sorry I breezed through Marilyn’s toddler days. My Sims game decided to stop taking pictures when I clicked ‘C’, so I didn’t realize I had no pictures until I started writing this. Sorry!


8 thoughts on “Chapter 2.2 – Trading Clubs

  1. I was thinking Marinette? But with that information….Marina’s girls: Natalie, Natasha, Naomi, Nadia, Nancy! Marilyn: Lydia, Lynn, Lyndsey! And for both – Marinette, Marie, Marissa, Marnie, Margaret, Madeleine, Maia, Marion, Margot.


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