Ayers Uglacy

2.1 – Lotsa Love

Though Johnny had passed, life continued to move. A beautiful young girl came into Brody’s life. Where Brody was a -1, this woman was a 10. They quickly fell for each other, and eloped on the beach. Not long after, his wife got pregnant…with twins! The couple moved out before the birth and enjoyed their wonderful twin boys when they arrived. Archie and Samson decided to buy a bachelor pad together, leaving Mare and Mara to live on their own.

But the household would soon drop in numbers.

For that evening, a small pool appeared in the front lawn. It was a big dip into the savings Mara had worked so hard for, but she decided to enjoy it nonetheless. However, as soon as she dove into the water, walls began to pop up on every side. Mare was totally unaware as she sat at the computer, writing a children’s book. As the night passed, Mara grew increasingly exhausted, until she succumbed to the cold water. It wasn’t a quick death, but a necessary one, for the Sreya Gods demanded different deaths for each sim.

So Mara and Johnny were reunited, both in spirit and in the graveyard on the Ayers’ estate property.

04-24-17_2-48-31 PM.png

Mare had no time to waste grieving. She was powering through the Renaissance Sim aspiration – she had worked so hard as a teen that she began each career a level three, and soon she was on the last stage of the aspiration. On top of that, a new town had popped up – Windenburg. After joining a small dance party, Mare had an idea.

Start a club.

But not just any club.

romance club.

Thus, the Lotsa Love club was born. All the attractive men Mare could find were invited, whether they were unemployed gym rats or tall, dark, and handsome San Myshuno residents. The group gathered at nightclubs, and flirted with each other all throughout the night. If any of them had the same traits as Johnny (good, outgoing, and goofball), they were immediately kicked out, as per the Sreya Gods’ demands.

So that left two in the mix.

Mare met Akira Kibo at a flea market, where she had a stand set up with a ridiculous markup of 200%. Still, people flocked to her stand to purchase old grade school and high school homework, and a random book that had popped up in her inventory.

04-24-17_3-19-37 PM.png

Mare was calling over strangers when she came across Akira. He caught her eye immediately – dark, slicked back hair, sparkling brown eyes, and a suit that looked as if it were made for him.

“Hey, there!” Mare called out, gesturing for him to come closer.

The two introduced themselves, and Akira was delighted when Mare asked if he would join the Lotsa Love group.

“That sounds incredible!” He smiled, revealing pearly white teeth.

“Awesome! We’re meeting tonight. But first, can I get a picture with you? It’s…club protocol.”

“Oh, uh…sure!” Akira said gamely, wrapping an arm around Mare.

As he walked away, Mare suppressed a devilish smile.

She had found suitor #1.

04-24-17_3-25-47 PM.png

Suitor #2 was a man Mare had met at the gym – a muscular, athletic man named Marcus Flex. He was double Mare’s size, and when she ran on the treadmill, he boxed or pumped iron. Mare was immediately drawn to him. He would be a good friend to train with, if not something more. She recruited him to the Lotsa Love group almost immediately.

One day Marcus knocked on her door and Mare welcomed him. While she repaired the sink, he began to help around the house. Mare felt a flutter of affection for the beast of a man as he bumbled through the small kitchen, washing dirty dishes and taking out the trash.

04-24-17_6-08-54 PM.png

At the end of a long week, Mare sat down the same couch her mother once had, both contemplating their future.

Akira or Marcus?

She turned to the wide world beyond her comprehension to make the decision.



Who should Mare marry?

Akira Kibo
Traits: Jealous, self-assured, and romantic

Marcus Flex
Traits: Bro, noncommittal, active

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