Ayers Uglacy

Chapter 1.5 – Immortalize Me

Dear Sreya Gods,

My daughter has grown into a beautiful – okay, maybe not beautiful – girl. She lives a wonderful life. Her grades have risen up to an A, and every day she gets closer to completing the whiz kid aspiration. Her brothers love to play chess with her, and I can see the bonds growing. Each night, she works at her chemistry table to create new potions. One day she even made a hunger replacement potion! Mare is so sweet – she even brought it to Sycamore in the gallery we built. He’s been painting up a storm. Every day he gets closer to becoming a young adult – I can’t believe how the time flies. Soon Mare will be a teenager, and I’m dreading the angst that comes with it.

Dutifully yours,

Mara Ayers

03-28-17_8-31-53 PM.png

Mara looked up from the letter she was penning to her mysterious benefactors. Mare was at the chess table again, pondering what move to make next. She was a great kid, and Mara couldn’t think of a better young lady to carry on the legacy.

Meanwhile, Johnny was doing his best to upgrade everything he could in the house. Between the paycheck he and Mara brought in, they had enough simoleons to buy the most expensive fridge possible. Johnny’s handiness skill was almost maxed, so it took little effort to apply all the upgrades on it.

There was still a lot of leftover money in their household funds, and this gave Mara an idea. Instead of expanding the house again, she commissioned her husband to make two small buildings – one for all their collections, and another, smaller gallery. Mara knew that many of her future descendants would have to be immortalized somehow, and what better way than through a painting? So Johnny got to work building a small studio space where Sycamore could work. He had already reached level eight painting skill by working on a small easel in his room, so he immediately got to work painting portraits of Mara, Johnny, and a young Mare. Painting a portrait of Mare as a child wouldn’t count towards legacy points, but he still wanted to capture her youthful innocence on canvas. The brothers all took turns taking pictures of each other so they wouldn’t be forgotten either.

03-28-17_8-18-25 PM.png

Sycamore completed the painting of Mare just in time, for her birthday was quickly approaching. She had completed the whiz kid aspiration and gotten up to level three in logic already. Mara knew her daughter was prepared to continue on with her life. There was no party, but Mare didn’t care. She was grateful just to have her family surrounding her on such a momentous day.

03-29-17_8-31-52 PM.png

Mare Ayers grew up to look like a softened version of her mother. She lacked the pointed chin and extended nose, but still had a small under-bite and her mother’s signature drooping eyes. She also got her mother’s rounded body, but that could be altered.

Mare grew up to have the active trait and the Renaissance Sim aspiration.

Of course with such a large family, there would be more birthdays to follow. Sycamore aged up into a young adult with a big birthday bash. Everyone Mara knew was invited, even if Syca couldn’t recall ever meeting them. As luck would have it, an attractive young man was in attendance. His name was Davin Winslow, and Sycamore was attracted to him right away.

In a matter of days, Sycamore proposed to Davin. The two were meant to be together, and knew that their new life – together – was just beginning.

03-29-17_8-09-22 PM.png

Of course, a wedding was in order. Davin and Sycamore invited everyone to The Rose Book* for a small, outdoor wedding.

03-30-17_3-49-55 PM.png

The wedding was an absolute hit. Everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly, and Johnny even took the day off of work to enjoy the nuptials. Sycamore and Davin were married quickly and earned a gold event wedding medal. It was the perfect way to start their marriage.

03-30-17_3-48-07 PM.png

Sycamore moved out with Davin into a small home east of the place where he grew up. However, he still visited his family everyday, even at odd hours.

Unfortunately, just as everyone else’s life was beginning, someone’s was ending.

When everyone was at school or work, Johnny collapsed while trying to upgrade the TV. With no friends and family around him, he fell to the floor and met an elderly demise with only the grim reaper to look on. There would be no mercy. No one to beg for a second chance. Johnny would never reach the top of the comedian career, never see his daughter stand at the alter, and never finish the TV upgrade.03-30-17_4-14-37 PM.png

When Mara came home still giddy with the news of her promotion to chief, she was devastated to see her husband’s urn sitting on the floor. She wept along with all of her children for the man that soothed their nightmares, fixed their toilets, and told the best jokes at parties.

Rest in Peace Johnny Zest, First Generation Spouse to Mara Ayers

03-30-17_4-20-23 PM.png


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