Royal Bachelor

Chapter Fifteen – All Over Again

The following day, Simcess gathered the remaining six girls.

“I know you were all extremely excited by yesterday’s events. However, allowing you to see your future children wasn’t all for fun. This is a show, after all – we’ve got an agenda.”

“Course they do,” Alex mumbled to Lyric, who chuckled.

“So we had everyone vote on who’s child was the most…homely.”

“That’s just cruel!” London gasped. Raina shushed her as Kara rolled her eyes.

03-21-17_9-27-14 PM.png

“Since we’re down to the halfway point, it’s been decided that Stellan will now tell you who has been eliminated instead of me. Then, you’ll say your final goodbyes.”

As soon as Simcess finished, Stellan rounded the corner. The girls found themselves standing up just a little bit straighter and smoothing out the wrinkles on their clothes.

“Good evening, ladies.” Stellan greeted, coming to stand in front of them. “Every time I look at all of you, it gets a little bit harder to send one of you home. But it’s a necessary evil.”


03-24-17_5-01-32 PM.png

“Dada!” Salem shouted, throwing his arms up in the air. Stellan bent down and scooped up the bumbling toddler who squealed in delight.

“Why don’t you and mommy follow me?” Stellan asked, gesturing for Kara to follow. He lead the two of them to the front of the palace. Kara’s shoulders tensed as she felt the weight of finality settle upon her.

“I’m sorry,” Stellan said softly. “I didn’t want to do this in front of everyone else.”

“You’re just going to let us both go?” Kara asked. “That’s your son! You could have secured your bloodline by marrying me.”

“I know, but that’s not what this competition is about. It’s about love and partnership. I want to find my best friend here.”

03-24-17_5-03-25 PM.png

“And you don’t think I could be your best friend? We could’ve ruled this whole world, Stellan. How could you throw that away?”

“Because I don’t want to rule the world. I think that’s where our incompatibility lies. I want to guide the world – teach it, even. But not rule it.”

“Then I guess we could never be together,” Kara whispered. “Maybe in another life.”

03-24-17_5-03-32 PM.png

“Maybe.” Stellan conceded. “But in this one, I have to let you go. There’s a small home on the palace grounds. It’s about a five minute carriage ride from here. You and Salem are welcome to live there for as long as you’d like.”

Kara nodded as she reached for Salem. The little boy looked up at his mother with wide, adoring grey eyes. “Home?” He asked.

“Yes, Salem. Home.”

03-24-17_5-05-49 PM.png

Stellan wasn’t kidding – the house was only a few minutes away. It looked like a mini version of Knight Palace with it’s large, arched windows and curving blue roof.

“This is it, bud.” Kara said, smiling down at her son. “Let’s check it out.”

03-24-17_5-27-43 PM.png

Back at the palace, Simcess pointed a finger at the remaining five girls. “Get your beauty sleep – you’re going to need it.Tomorrow, you’re getting makeovers!”


The next day, the girls were brought into the palace spa. It had everything – luxurious changing rooms, bathtubs with fountains spewing into them, giant mirrors to reflect their beauty, and vanitys covered with bottles of makeup, perfume, and lotion.

Simcess filed in behind them. “Good morning, everyone! Today, we have the best and brightest cosmeticians and stylists to help you become proper ladies. When you’re Queen, it’s expected you’ll appear prim and polished. While we love your individual styles right now, it won’t work for public outings. We’re not trying to change who you are, just enhance your personality through how you look. Let’s begin.”

03-24-17_5-43-34 PM.png

Spa attendants filed in as the girls took turns at each station.

“What are we doing for you, darling?” One lady asked Ming, who frowned.

“Do whatever you want. Just don’t touch my glasses, please. I won’t go anywhere without them.”

“Ah, a signature look! Let’s build on that turquoise, shall we?”

Across the room, Raina tipped her head back into a porcelain sink.

“Do you always wear your hear down?” The lady asked, scrubbing the redhead’s locks.

“Usually.” Raina conceded. “My mother always said it looked best down. It’s more ladylike that way.”

Meanwhile, Lyric tapped her fingers on her thigh, playing a piano piece from memory. “I do love florals, but I’ve never worn anything that short.”

“It will accentuate your legs.” The woman said with a confidant wave of her hand.

On the opposite side of the room, an attendant held up Alex’s favourite tights.

“Really?” She asked, dangling the nylon from her hand like a wild animal. “There are polka dots on it.”

“It’s quirky,” Alex admitted. “But that’s how I like it.”

“Oh honey,” The lady shook her head. “We’ll get you to pop out in a different way.”

At the vanity, a woman ran her hands through London’s hair. “You’ve got wonderful volume, but the waves look unfinished.”

“Oh.” London mused, trying to shrink into her seat. “Well, whatever you do will look beautiful, I’m sure.”

After a solid six hours of the girls being primped and prodded, they stood side by side.

“Whoa.” Alex whispered, running her hands down the front of her bright yellow dress.

“Double whoa.” Ming laughed, examining her power suit in the mirror.

London twirled around, watching her long dress settle around her while Lyric tugged the bottom of her dress in an attempt to attract some modesty. Raina smiled as she touched the diamond clasp holding her hair up – she couldn’t remember the last time she had an updo.

03-24-17_10-38-36 PM

“Enough gawking.” Simcess laughed. “You all look like proper princesses now. But the fun doesn’t stop here. Just as we found out what your future son might look like, we’re going to do the same thing with your daughter.”

The girls cheered, clasping each other and jumping up and down.

“Follow me.”

Just as before, they ended up in a sterile room where the genetics testing would occur.

These are the results…

03-24-17_10-47-17 PM.png
Ming Wu & Stellan Knight
03-24-17_10-48-38 PM.png
Raina Marroquin & Stellan Knight


03-24-17_10-51-11 PM.png
Alexandria Hadley & Stellan Knight
03-24-17_10-52-56 PM.png
Lyric Rhys & Stellan Knight
03-24-17_10-55-04 PM.png
London Caliente & Stellan Knight

There will be no vote on the most unattractive offspring as I believe it’s time to start voting out the girls based on themselves alone!


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