Ayers Uglacy

Chapter Two – A Baby is Born

Mara called up Johnny and invited him over, giddy with the fact that she actually had a suitor. Well, not technically. He was only a friend, but close enough! Johnny arrived promptly, and Mara wasted no time asking him to move in. He obliged, and brought a small fortune with him. Mara cheered before she realized she couldn’t keep the money.

“What do you mean you’re getting rid of my money?” Johnny shouted at her.

“I don’t know!” Mara shouted back. “It’s like someone’s forcing me to!”

Even without Johnny’s simoleons, Mara had racked up enough money to actually build walls around her meager furniture. She sold off her single bed and bought a double one, knowing Johnny wouldn’t appreciate sleeping on the bench her work had gifted her.

Eventually she ended up with a one-room house, complete with everything she and Johnny would need to survive.


Once the house was built, Mara worked on the next phase of her plan: seduction. Luckily, Johnny had moved in with a flirty mood, so Mara had little work to do before they became boyfriend and girlfriend. For tradition’s sake, Johnny led Mara to the pond by their humble abode and proposed.

Mara rejected him.


Not one to give up quickly (Johnny is ambitious, after all), he got rid of his embarrassed moodlet and proposed again. Mara agreed this time(!!!), and the two eloped on the spot. With no money and no friends at their disposal, there was no reason to wait. The ring sparkled on Mara’s finger as they exchanged vows.

“I, Johnny Zest, take you, Mara Ayers, to be my lawfully wedded wife. To have and to hold, in sickness and in health, in beauty, and in ugly.”

Tears welled in Mara’s face as she choked out vows of her own.


Again, quick as they were married, they went inside to try for a baby. Immediately after, Mara made her way to the bathroom and took a pregnancy test. After a short delay, confetti (or toilet paper – she wasn’t exactly sure) rained down on her. She was pregnant! Immediately she woke up Johnny and told him the news.

Now, they wait.

Of course, time doesn’t stop when you’re about to have a baby, so Mara and Johnny continued to develop their daily routine. Mara went to work and interrogated suspects, doing her best to be intimidating with her gigantic belly.

“Did you let a llama loose in your workplace? ANSWER ME!”


Johnny went to work as well, and began learning how to play guitar in his free time. One day, he looked in the mirror and observed his scrawny body. His future children would either inherit Mara’s voluptuous body or his vaguely stick-shaped one. Neither were ideal. So he took it upon himself to hit the gym, where he asked the trainer to mentor him. Little by little, he began to notice a slight shift in his body. Sometimes Mara would join him, running on the treadmill in an attempt to slim down certain parts of her body.


Three days pass, and as Mara was walking to interrogate her latest suspect, a wave of pain washed over her. She was in labor…at work. Unfortunately, she still had roughly six hours to go until she could leave for the hospital, so she had to endure her horrid mood for the rest of the day.

Finally six o’clock came, and Mara could go to the hospital. She called up Johnny, who thankfully wasn’t at work and could meet her there.

In no time at all, Mara was put into the surgery machine. She was terribly calm, but the same couldn’t be said for her husband.


After a few hours, Johnny and Mara held their first born in their arms.

A boy.

Sycamore Ayers.



Point Scorecard

1 point gained for spouse having three different traits

Tally: 1/100 points


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