Ayers Uglacy

Introduction – Meet My Matriarch

Hi, everyone! Welcome to a new story I’ve decided to try out – The Uglacy Challenge!

To give you a little background on the subject, the Uglacy Challenge is a twist on the traditional legacy challenge. You still have ten generations and accumulate points based on skills/careers/portraits/etc, but there’s one difference: the goal of this challenge is to start out with the ugliest Sim you can create, and you must make their final descendant (after ten generations) beautiful! Not much else to it, so let’s begin.

Here are the rules I’m following when it comes to my bloodline:

Gender Law: I am playing strict matriarchy [Only women can become the heir]

Bloodline Law: Strict tradition. [All children must be born naturally. I think we can all agree that adoption in the uglacy challenge is some form of cheating.]

Heir Law: So long as the child is female, I will be having a democracy-style vote with those reading this legacy to choose who becomes the the next heir. [Ex. Children A & B are female, and majority rules. If more people vote A, she becomes the heir and B becomes the spare.]

If you’re wondering why I’m being so strict with only allowing females to be my heir, it’s because I wanted to truly challenge myself. In my opinion, the female townies tend to be better looking than the males, so trying to make each descendant attractive based on genetics brought in from the men only will be a little bit harder to accomplish.

I had attempted this challenge once before (with a different but just as ugly Matriarch), but it just didn’t work out. Now I’m a little older (by a month or so), a little wiser (not really), and ready to take on the uglacy challenge on once more!

So without further ado, meet my Matriarch:

Mara Ayers!


Did you shudder? I did. I mean, that’s one ugly sim. Honestly, if I could’ve put a “sensitive image” block over those pictures, I would have. Her features are so harsh that the unibrow didn’t show up properly, and that’s how you know you’ve created someone far too ugly to be released into the game.

But I did it!

Mara’s traits were not randomized, but all her future children’s traits will be.

Mara is a loner, creative, and family-oriented, along with domestic.

Her aspiration is Big Happy Family.

So, with 20’000 simoleons to her name, I moved Mara into Oakenstead, a 50×50 lot (in which I bulldozed the house beforehand) located in Willow Creek. After purchasing the required Knight of the Octagon Table (a rather ostentatious sculpture of an imposing knight), Mara now has 1’800 simoleons to start with.

Let’s begin.





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