Ayers Uglacy

1.1 – Humble Beginnings

Mara Ayers stepped onto the grassy lot of Oakenstead, her new home. A huge metal statue of a knight stood in front of her. Mara resisted the urge to describe it as ugly – after all, she knew what the word meant. She knew how much it hurt.

Mara was hideous.

So hideous, in fact, that her mother and father abandoned her in a roadside ditch and left her there, doing a few push ups before going to their car and remembering they didn’t have one. Her parents walked away instead. Mara suffered greatly for those days and nights, unable to tell the passage of time as it was always sunny, or always dark. No rain, no snow, no clouds. Just the persistent beating of a pixel sun. She wasted away in her bassinet until she was enveloped in a swirl of colourful diamonds. The social worker, it was called. To Mara, it was a death sentence.

Everything was black until she blissfully reached her young adult birthday. A note had been left for her, and she clutched it now, reading it over with hungry eyes.

Mara Ayers,

You are a special kind among our simulated people. Stretched skin dyed green, feet small enough to topple you over, disgusting blue hair…I’ll stop.
You are a genetic abnormality – a glitch in the system. But that doesn’t mean you have to live like one. Enclosed in this envelope is 20’000 simoleons. Move to Willow Creek and buy the Oakenstead lot, and then purchase the Knight of the Octagon Table statue.
This is all the instructions I can give you. Follow these rules and I promise that your descendants will become more and more beautiful, one by one.
Save them a lifetime of the abuse you suffered.

Save them.

– Sreya

Mara moved forward and placed the envelope in the helmet of the statue. She had followed all the rules so far, and would continue to do so for the sake of her future children and grandchildren. As she moved, the light weight of her remaining money jangled in her pocket. Mara needed a job, and fast.


On top of having a face for radio, Mara lacked any kind of skill. She had no prospects, and no way to change that. She shrugged and pulled out her fabulous phone – something no sim could be rid of, not even the toddlers – and called the local police station.

“Hi, I was wondering if you have any postings available?”

“Of course we do! You start tomorrow at eight.”

And that was that. Mara shrugged at the ease of which she got her first full-time job, deciding not to question it too much. She was grateful there was no formal interview anyways. She shuddered at the memory of her first job as a barista at Simbucks. A rumor had gone around Isla Paradiso that drinking the signature Plum Green Tea would cause you to turn the same colour as that weird worker Mara. All the children ran away, and Simbucks lost countless customers before finally firing Mara.

From then on, she swore off green tea of any kind.

Mara still had an entire day to kill before she had to go to work, so she prowled her property for collectibles. Dirt collected under her fingernails as she chipped away to find treasure maps, capsules, gems, and more. Once she had exhausted her supply, she looked up to find an amazing house glinting in the sunlight. Glass windows reflected the trees, and from her far distance, it appeared as if it belonged more to a King than a normal family.

Like a toddler bumbling on tiny legs, Mara loped to the house and knocked on the door. The entire Spencer-Kim-Lewis family was home, dancing to the stereo. Mara pushed in and let the cool air conditioning settle around her. The family had no qualms about Mara retrieving cereal from the fridge to satisfy her hunger. She used their bathroom, watched their TV, and slept in their bed (for about five hours until she was caught). It’s all in the name of saving money, folks!



Eventually, the new day dawned and Mara headed into work. She did the usual things: Search suspects, do fingerprints, travel to crime scenes…Boring stuff. But while she worked, she was on the prowl.

The benefit of working in such an active career was the many sims that passed by during the day. Mara had her pick of the jail litter, as well as her (usually married) coworkers. Eventually, she meets Johnny Zest and Travis Scott – both viable options.


However, once Mara went on patrol, everything changed. She ran into a man who practically glistened in the sun. Light blond hair, sparkling skin…and the sim gods hadn’t even bestowed the vampire game pack on this file!

“Hi there,” Mara purred. Well, purred as best as she could given the state of her jaw. “I’m Mara. It means bitter.” She snorted.

“Hi!” The man said, oblivious to her face. It was almost as if sims couldn’t even recognize each others features. “I’m Lincoln Sheldon.”*

The two talked for a bit before Mara realized she was still at work. She scurried back to the police department and worked to meet all the requirements she was given that day.

For the next few days, Mara divides her time equally between working and forming strong friendships with Travis, Johnny, and Lincoln. Within three days, she lands her second promotion to the third tier of detective work, and now must choose a man to lust after.

Will you help?

The Candidates:

Johnny Zest:
Traits: Goofball, outgoing, ambitious
Job: Entertainer
Relationship Status: Single


Travis Scott:
Traits: Self-assured, geek, outgoing
Job: Mixologist
Relationship Status: Single



Lincoln Sheldon:
Traits: Romantic, good, loner
Job: Unemployed
Relationship Status: Single


I’m leaving this in your hands, dear reader. Vote for who you want Mara to date Here!

* All language is translated by an official-unofficial Simlish translator


One thought on “1.1 – Humble Beginnings

  1. Ohmigosh, did you read Mara Wilson’s book too?!

    I don’t know who to pick! I personally think Travis Scott is cutest, but I feel like Johnny Zest’s kids would have the most hope, genetically.


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