Royal Bachelor

The Morning Of

Prince Stellan Montgomery Knight adjusted his sparkling white gloves and blew a stray blonde hair off of his forehead. He didn’t normally fidget. In fact, he was used to being as still as the statues that adorned Knight Palace.

Today was different.

Today, he was going to meet twelve beautiful women, and somehow hope to fall in love with one. He needed a Queen – this was the law in his Kingdom, and Stellan would be damned if he didn’t follow it. His people looked up to him to be a strong and just leader – one who could follow the very rules his ancestors had once implemented.


“You look nervous.”

Stellan jumped at the voice as his heart thudded loudly in his chest. He could only breathe a sigh of relief once he’d caught sight of Simcess’s reflection in the mirror. His trusted Royal Advisor and childhood friend all wrapped up into one.

“They’re just girls, Stellan,” Simcess laughed. “You look like you’re headed into battle.”


“I feel like I am,” Stellan admitted, scrunching his nose. “I have to prepare for the worst, don’t I?”

Stellan was expecting a bloodbath. He had heard of friends going through the process, and had heard the horror stories: Catfights, dress debacles, crude bets…Hardly anything had been information you’d tell your mother at the dinner table.

Oh mom, Stellan thought. It would be so much easier with your guidance.

Stellan’s parents had died when he was merely thirteen-years-old. They were out to sea with the intention of visiting the Royal Family of Isla Paradiso, when a huge storm supposedly had hit, overturning their boat. Stellan had his suspicions, of course – monsters were said to lurk in the depths of the island – but he could hardly voice these thoughts when Isla Paradiso was one of his close allies. So he zippered his mouth and turned towards the future, awaiting the day he too would journey the seas with the one he loves…sans sea monsters, of course.

download-2 “You’ve got that look on again,” Simcess sighed.

“What look?”

“Your grumpy, pouty, little-boy face. No girl is going to want to get to know you if you pout like a five-year-old, you know.”

Stellan frowned. “Some friend you are.”

Simcess marched out the door, laughing as she left. “Don’t say I didn’t warn you!”

Stellan took a steadying breath and glanced one last time into the mirror.

Show time.


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