Royal Bachelor


Welcome, lords and ladies to the first ever Royal Bachelor competition.

Prince Stellan Montgomery Knight has spent his entire life studying, getting to know his people, and anonymously contributing to a multitude of charities around the globe. Stellan has funded public works projects such as The Llama Fever Fund and Kleptos Anonymous, all in hopes of improving the lives of each and every Sim from the mountain to the valley.

However, Stellan has just turned twenty-eight years-old, and is ready to find a wife. He knows he must marry to ascend the throne and be King, and he is looking for a lucky lady to join him on this venture. Twelve women (both from nobility and peasantry) have been hand selected to spend multiple weeks in the palace, committing their time to bettering themselves and falling in love. Stellan wants to experience love as great as that of his late parents’, all while finding a woman suitable to govern as Queen.


Along the way is your host, Princess Simcess, a dear friend of Stellan’s, and also the ruler of the neighboring kingdom. She’ll be there to offer advice to the ladies and let them know the rules, expectations, and qualities they must follow and possess to be successful in this competition. Simcess reports directly back to Stellan, and so anything said to her is fair game.

Her advice to you?

“Work hard and be kind!”


Along with these two are the hired help: two butlers, a gardener and a maid. They’ll help keep the palace spick and span, all while keeping a close eye on the girls. As the number of ladies in the house dwindles, more helpers will be introduced into the household to shake things up and reveal those little secrets people had hoped to hide in the closet.

Now, of course you’re wondering where your sim will be living for these next few weeks. Without further ado, I present to you the Knight Palace:download (2).png

Within the palace walls are countless places to discover. An indoor courtyard divides the space, filled with all different kinds of flowers, plants, and trees just waiting to be harvested! Tranquil fountains and marble flooring gives off an air of elegance and opulence, making every visitor feel positively royal. The spacious dining room and industrial-sized kitchen ensure everyone can be properly served and accounted for. Moreover, a large ballroom ready to house the most romantic of dates sits at the north-east part of the palace. Find romance and yourself in Knight Palace today!


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